Top Women in PR: Stephanie Singer

Stephanie Singer, Senior Vice President of Communications, National Association of Realtors

Stephanie Singer is Senior Vice President of Communications at the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the world’s largest trade association. She is an accomplished professional, collaborator and innovator in her role at NAR and in building new industry relationships.

Singer continually seeks out new opportunities for the association and supports outside-the-box thinking as well as inventive, original ideas. She is an inspiration to everyone she works with and has earned the respect and recognition of her peers.

In 2015, Singer helped launch an association-wide initiative to embrace new media. Under her leadership, executive communications has been combined with social media to help keep the association’s leaders up to date on breaking news and issues arising online.

Singer instigated a push toward creating shareable content. News releases and studies are now reinterpreted as infographics and short videos to extend the reach and life span of the association’s content. Every news release and all executive interviews are now circulated on Twitter and in multiple Facebook groups. Singer requires that public meetings be filmed on Periscope, and every research report is now accompanied by a Twitter chat with the lead researcher. Under her leadership, NAR has become a trailblazer in new media technology.

Singer has also spearheaded an external and internal media campaign to promote Realtor Safety. The campaign was launched near the end of 2014 and focused on members and potential clients to promote the three core components of Realtor Safety: knowledge, awareness and empowerment.

New safety classes are promoted not only through traditional member communications channels but also through news and social media. Singer orchestrated partnerships with various safety-based apps, and new materials have been created and distributed to both NAR members and consumers. Singer has also organized interviews for NAR 2015 President Chris Polychron to discuss Realtor Safety issues on The Today Show and other national outlets.