2015 Rising PR Stars: Jenny Gardynski, Account Supervisor, PAN Communications

Jenny Gardynski’s insights, tenacity, instincts and simple “can-do” attitude is not lost on a single person inside or outside of her company. Gardynski has quickly worked her way from Assistant Account Executive to Account Supervisor by knowing exactly how to disarm a difficult client and instill trust as well as provide strategic counsel for clients at all levels.

At the end of the day, she gets results. From inclusion in some of the most competitive analyst reports, to top-tier business press that is impeccably on message, Gardynski gets it done.

On Integrate, a player in the burgeoning MarTech space, she oversaw the launch of an influencer marketing program in which the team targets social and media influencers that have significant followings and platforms. As part of this program – which has become the standard for conducting influencer relations agency wide – Gardynski took the lead, from identifying the right, most impactful players to directly engaging with them on behalf of Integrate.

She also took the lead on helping the client’s CMO, Scott Vaughan, establish his own influencer status in this space, regularly making connections for him with key visionaries, drafting content for Scott to share on his social channels and identifying trends to help Scott establish a provocative take on. As a result, the program has been widely successful, helping Scott grow his overall Twitter followers to more than 3,000, driving one-on-one engagements that resulted in regular contributed opportunities with CMSwire and Aberdeen, and enhanced general awareness for Scott and Integrate.