2015 PR People Awards: Account Director or Supervisor of the Year

Winner: Lauren Musiol, Managing Supervisor, GYMR Public Relations

Lauren Musiol has had an amazing year, generating remarkable results for many of GYMR Public Relations’ major clients, including the highly innovative Banner Alzheimer’s Institute, the Blue Shield of California Foundation, The American Gastroenterological Association, and more.

She has not only delivered measurable results in the form of greatly expanded media coverage, but she has also led efforts in re-branding major organizations and positioning their members for success.

Musiol’s achievements have required intelligence, energy and personal skills that distinguish her in the field. Working in the highly complex worlds of science and healthcare, she challenges herself to understand, interpret and write about technical issues in a consumer-friendly way. She has led communications audits, applied social marketing theory, and built the foundation for successful communications programs.

Organizer. Mediator. Mentor. Diplomat. Passionate Advocate. Community Volunteer. She has excelled at these roles in the past year, earning her promotion to Managing Supervisor.

For 2015 World Alzheimer's Day, Musiol seized the opportunity to use the observance as a vehicle for promoting the Alzheimer's Prevention Registry, a unique online platform that encourages volunteer participants to enroll in groundbreaking clinical research studies aimed at combating and even preventing this dreaded disease. Musiol deftly used family-friendly consumer content, inspirational messages and stories, and vigorous social media efforts to build enrollment.

The results were astounding: over the course of a 12-month period, APR increased from 40,000 volunteers to its current enrollment of 140,382, an increase of 350 percent. This was primarily the result of a fantastic social media strategy: she knew the kind of content that would engage various audiences, which in turn encouraged them to share with their friends, helping to continuously gain new followers. And with each new milestone of the registry’s growth, she smartly used the opportunity to further promote its success.

Honorable Mentions:

·           Megan Feffer, Spectrum

·           Ray De Lorenzi, CLS Strategies