Digital PR Awards: Listening Campaign

Winner: Makovsky - Harnessing "Modern Market Research" A social intelligence program informing Sprint's 4G LTE Network Communications

In the summer of 2013, Sprint approached Makovsky to develop a complex and hyper-focused social intelligence program to better understand its overall standing among consumers in the social sphere and how its network communications were affecting brand sentiment.

Through its comprehensive analysis, Makovsky made a number of tactical recommendations, including making releases more dynamic by including “good news” about the company; indeed, Sprint’s next round of announcements were more robust and included information about forthcoming 4G LTE devices and other CSR initiatives.

Makovsky also advised Sprint that announcement strategies should cater to local markets with individual press releases and greater frequency. Sprint was also advised it should create localized content (video, infographics) as a “modern” supplement to press releases.

Sprint was also advised to develop social content and leverage promoted posts designed to amplify 4G LTE chatter in order to prolong the spike in conversation. Also, specific hashtags could be created that encourage people to participate in 4G LTE announcement conversation. For example, downloading a movie trailer in Hollywood on a 4G LTE device to demonstrate speeds with #LALovesSprintLTE.

In conclusion, the results of the listening program provided data-backed consumer and competitive insights to help inform Sprint’s communications team. Makovsky took these insights further and used them to make strategic recommendations to communicate Sprint’s network upgrades more effectively and give the mobile carrier better positioning on social media.

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