PR Stars Mix Family, Humility, Humor and Cartoons in Enjoyable Books for Summer

[Editor’s Note: Since many of our readers will take time off during August for a well-deserved break, we follow our July books reviews with another installment. It’s our way of wishing you a good vacation, one that affords you time to read at a leisurely pace.]


To paraphrase a maxim: ‘Every senior PR pro has a good book in them.” For the aspiring communicator-author, though, telling a compelling story while respecting non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) may be an issue.

Writing a novel is one way PR pros can mask names and situations in stories they want to tell. They create fictitious characters using snippets of real-life CEOs, SVPs and board members they’ve met.

One of the best examples of this is “Spin,” the novel centered on a PR crisis from Jim Lindheim, a former Burson-Marsteller chairman.

Similar to the HBO hit series “Succession,” Spin includes many moments, in boardrooms especially, which PR pros, especially those who have advised companies during an incident or crisis, will find disturbingly accurate.
Keep That Book Inside You
Yet writing a good novel can be daunting. As the maxim above sometimes concludes: yes, everyone has a good book in them, “and for many, that’s where it should stay.”

So, for PR pros who want to leave their marks on the profession, but not write a novel, the ‘How I Did It’ book is an option. This type of book mixes personal narrative with processes and procedures.


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