Summer Reading: A Terrific Book’s Presentation Makes the Case for Always Telling a Story

It’s not easy to write a book about PR, at least one that’s   revelatory. If you’re the rare author who can discuss how PR pros and engineers are working with Virtual Reality (VR) concepts to create an artificial spokesperson to speak on behalf of a company during a PR crisis–Will a VR spokesperson be more successful if it looks female or male? What should its voice sound like? What should it wear? How old should it seem? What ethnicity? –have at it, the field is yours.

On the other hand, the majority of PR concepts have been explored ad nauseam. And PR can seem easy. For many, it’s seen as a ‘soft’ part of business.

The industry’s fundamentals haven’t shifted much in decades. Though PR-related technology is changing rapidly and practitioners increasingly are seen as strategic business advisors, the essence of the communicator’s job remains stable.


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