As Soccer Evolves Into Fútbol, Communicators Can Score Big With U.S. Hispanic Fans

The countdown to the 2026 FIFA World Cup in the United States, Canada and Mexico is underway, igniting a fervor among soccer enthusiasts across the world. As the anticipation mounts, so does the opportunity for brands to tap into the vibrant culture of fútbol, particularly among U.S. Hispanics. With an audience that ranks the World Cup as one of the most important holidays, second only to Christmas, the convergence of soccer and Hispanic heritage presents a goldmine for strategic communication and public relations initiatives.

The evolution of soccer into fútbol in the U.S. signifies more than just a change in terminology; it reflects a deep-seated cultural shift that resonates with millions. This shift encapsulates the essence of Hispanic+, where campaigns that are driven by Hispanic insights and grounded in Hispanic passion points, possess the transformative ability to reshape the fabric of U.S. culture.

For Hispanic communities, fútbol isn't just a sport but a way of life, intertwined with tradition, identity and pride. With 73% of U.S. Latinos identifying as soccer fans, brands have a prime opportunity to align themselves with this demographic.

The rise of fútbol's popularity in the U.S. is evident through key indicators, such as Messi’s arrival to Inter Miami CF, the surge in interest in women's soccer, and the anticipation surrounding major events like the CONMEBOL Copa America. And with host cities like Los Angeles and Miami boasting significant Hispanic populations, the World Cup becomes not just a sporting event but a celebration of diversity and community.

Beyond stadium activations and fan engagement events, brands can maintain year-round buzz by aligning themselves with the ongoing narrative of fútbol, from the excitement of match schedule reveals to the tension of team qualifications. Understanding the nuances of the U.S. Hispanic audience's relationship with fútbol is crucial in crafting authentic communication strategies.

Engage With Communities as Active Participants

At the heart of it all lies the need for brands to connect with Hispanic communities, not as mere spectators but as active participants in their passion for fútbol. BODEN’s team of fútbol experts developed an insights report that dives into the U.S. Hispanic audience’s connection with the sport and its impact on mainstream U.S. culture, offering brands valuable opportunities to engage with the expanding fútbol fanbase beyond the Hispanic community. Below are a few key takeaways from the report to keep in mind.

  • Fútbol is ingrained in the Hispanic fan’s identity—they were born into loyal fútbol households, played the sport growing up and consume various types of media around their favorite players, games and merchandise.
  • Hispanic fans’ passion for the sport, rooted in cultural heritage, is fueling fútbol’s rise in the U.S. creating a vibrant and loyal fan base hungry to engage and be a part of a larger U.S. community.
  • The U.S. is quickly growing into the international hub of fútbol, which is important for Hispanic fans as the sport in the U.S. has transcended the mainstream and has become more accessible.
  • The rise of women’s fútbol is propelling greater female representation and influence, on and off the field, with fans increasing their investment in both time and money to take part in the movement.
  • A culture-first approach on social media provides consumers an opportunity to build community with fan traditions while leveraging generational loyalty.

Ways to Make an Impact Through Communications

As the fútbol frenzy continues to build towards 2026, brands have a unique opportunity to make their mark with this segment. Want to begin making an impact? Below are a few considerations all PR professionals should keep top-of-mind when planning to activate within this audience.

  • How could your brand leverage celebrity talent and/or relevant creators to drive community for a social-first campaign?
  • How can you develop brand-loyalty IRL with the U.S. Hispanic fútbol fan through event activations, watch parties and/or limited edition merchandise?
  • How are you targeting the sub-audiences within the U.S. Hispanic fútbol community? Is there a way to integrate a youth or women-focused aspect within your program?

By embracing the passion of the U.S. Hispanic fans and integrating themselves seamlessly into the fabric of fútbol culture, brands can not only capture the attention of a diverse audience but also leave a lasting legacy that extends far beyond the final whistle.

Daniela Silva is Account Coordinator at BODEN Agency.