All the Rage: Big Brands Must Deal With Mad Consumers

Enraged Consumers Require Response: Brand owners must respond to the growing number of consumers around the world who are “enraged” with the strategies and influence of major corporations, a study shows. The Futures Company found that 86% of consumers think big business maximizes profits at the expense of customers and communities.

Other findings include:

  • 85% of respondents agree that large corporations exert a greater level of influence on government than citizens do.

  • As a response to that, 47% of these shoppers now buy locally-made goods when possible. Another 36% avoid purchasing products from firms with low ethical standards, as do 29% from global corporations.

  • 86% of consumers think a different set of “rules” apply to the rich, and the same amount believe wealth is too concentrated.

  • Specifically, around 50% of contributors feel “a lot” of anger about each of these issues, a group the study described as the “global enraged.”

Source: The Futures Company

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