Three Areas of Excellence to Drive Your Content Daily

[Editor’s Note: This is Part II of an article about storytelling. The previous article appeared in the January 2020 edition of PRNEWS. It continues a PRNEWS series that introduced and explained the ABCDE model, which helps PR pros create and tell stories. ABCDE refers to Audience, Behavior, Content, Delivery and Evaluation. See PRNEWS July 2019 (Pearson), October 2019 (Knight) and December 2019 (Tazzia). As you might recall, the model developed when PR pros taught US Department of State staff the principles of storytelling.]

Ayaz Malik, Manager, Enterprise Marketing Excellence, Roche Diagnostics Corp. and Bob Pearson, Strategic Advisor, W2O Group/Co-Author, ‘Crafting Persuasion’
Three Ways to Drive a Story Every Day
We live in a world where what we do each day matters. How we create content, how we engage with our audiences and how we call audibles on what to do next can make or break success for brands.

We call these three areas Content Stewardship, Continuous Engagement and Decision Support.
Content Stewardship
Stewardship of content will become one of the most critical marketing and communications competencies in the future (see Figure 1). We will connect the dots in order to learn the skills to create, prepare, store, distribute, publish and optimize content that is user- and channel-specific.


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