2013 PR People to Watch: Christina Siderius

Christina Siderius, Media Relations Manager, Vulcan Inc.

It is no easy task being the spokesperson for one of the smartest people on the planet. With business and philanthropic interests that encapsulate commercial space, technology, conservation, artificial intelligence and brain science, Paul Allen’s externally facing persona is virtually unmatched.

Christina Siderius is especially adept at taking a story from concept to reality and ensuring that the message remains intact with a media landscape that regularly includes top tier publications all over the world. She can maneuver just as professionally with the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal as she can with a Page Six reporter or with the British tabloids. Her willingness to challenge a reporter on their presentation of the facts has resulted in more than one potentially negative story flipping to neutral or even positive.

Siderius has managed Paul Allen's and Vulcan Inc.’s communication strategy through several hostile legal matters and has safely navigated the difficulty of maintaining privacy and keeping the facts straight under very difficult circumstances.