2009 Platinum PR Awards: WOW! Award—Deloitte

Greening the Dot: How Green is Your Footprint?

To steer its offices nationwide into the right environmental direction, Deloitte embarked on a ambitious enterprise that challenged employees to reduce the company’s footprint. Marshalled by Deloitte’s crack communications team, the “Greening the Dot: How Green is Your Footprint?” program, was unique in that it cut across departmental silos, forging a benchmark of solidarity for both Deloitte and green initiatives on the whole.

Leveraging social and new media channels, as well as an intranet site, the initiative was synonymous with the word “epic” by virtue of its features: the appointment of green champions to lead green teams in nearly 90 offices; the dissemination to employees of a “greening toolkit” containing more than 35 office greening projects to help reduce energy, paper and product consumption; and a Green Dot Scorecard online measurement device tracking the program’s progress.

Within the first six months of the Greening the Dot program’s launch, more than 1,000 projects had been completed. â– 

Honorable Mentions:

Weber Shandwick & General Motors: Chevy Aveo5 Livin’ Large College Cab—Weber Shandwick used an innovative marketing approach for the GM Aveo5, using an interior “Cab Cam” to film college students riding in the Aveo5 College Cab and generating viral videos.

Waggener Edstrom Worldwide: What’s on your mind? Now anyone can decipher Twitter discussion with the help of twendz!—Demonstrating its savvy and inherent understanding of social media, WE developed Twendz—a Twitter application that gauges the general emotion of a statement made on the microblog.

Grand Central Marketing & Meow Mix: Think like a Cat Game Show—With the adoption of Meow Mix’s new tagline, “Think like a Cat,” the team created the “Meow Mix Think like a Cat Game Show.” The Game Show Network aired 223 promo spots for it, and over 1 million viewers tuned in.

GE Corporate: Plug into the Smart Grid—GE’s Smart Grid campaign reached the homes of millions via a Super Bowl ad titled “Scarecrow,” which was a modern take on the classic song “If I Only had a Brain” from The Wizard of Oz.