12 Things to Take Note of in PR Job Candidates

pr 2Public relations is a competitive industry, and working in PR requires a talent for written and visual communications, among other skills. Courtesy of PR News’ followers on Twitter and Facebook, here are some thoughts on “What’s the first thing you notice about a PR job candidate?”

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  • Sarah

    Public Relations is a painful industry. Especially if you’re a guy. It’s full of ditsy women that have no talent. Sooooo glad I’m in advertising now. I feel bad for the men that still work in PR. They have to deal with the angry little princesses fighting all the time. And if they’re not killing each other they’re hating on men. What a terrible industry.

    • Brianna

      Wow, way to generalize an entire field. There are plenty of helpful, encouraging, beautiful people in this industry too. Your experience is isolated and not indicative of the industry as a whole. I’m sorry it was so negative.

      • Sarah

        NOPE! Everyone I’ve talked to agrees with me, from Chicago PR executives to folks in Southern California…the public relations industry is full of sexist stupid women. I’m sure you work for a small agency with all women, so I could care less about your sheltered opinion.

      • guy in PR

        The correct term to imply that you haven’t been affected by Brianna’s comment is ‘I couldn’t care less.’ How you had stated it indicates that you actually do care about her sheltered opinion.

      • Jess154

        Grow up little boy, she was correcting Brianna’s condescending and spiteful comment. People are allowed to express their opinion.

    • Jess154

      I agree. I’ve seen men fired in PR simply because they “didn’t fit in”. As in they didn’t gossip about other women like all the other women. They actually provided results and got coverage for our clients. It’s a very shallow and superficial industry.