10 Brands Leading the Way in Sandy Relief Efforts

As residents and business owners assess the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, there’s a realization setting in that it will take plenty of time for things to return to normal.

With relief efforts under way, many corporations are stepping up and using their brand power to help assist those affected by the storm. We’ve compiled this alphabetical list of 10 organizations that are rising to the occasion. 

Bank of America: The Bank of America Charitable Foundation will donate $1 million to support relief efforts, including $500,000 to the American Red Cross Hurricane 2012 fund. As relief efforts evolve in the coming weeks, the remaining $500,000 will be directed to national, regional and local nonprofits to support long-term recovery needs.

BNY Mellon: Bank of New York Mellon Corp. pledged at least $1 million to relief efforts. The commitment includes $500,000 from the company and another $500,000 in matching funds from employee contributions. The money will go to the Red Cross as well as food banks and agencies helping people displaced by the storm.

Chevrolet: Chevy has donated 50 Silverado pickups and Express cargo vans to the Red Cross. They'll be used in relief efforts across the Eastern seaboard and in other areas affected by the storm.

CVS: CVS Caremark will donate more than $100,000 to the Red Cross.

Ford Motor Company: Ford employees and the Ford Motor Company Fund are contributing $50,000 to the American Red Cross and its local chapters for areas affected by the storm.

Kellogg's: Kellogg's will make a $500,000 commitment. The donation includes a $250,000 cash contribution from Kellogg's' Corporate Citizenship Fund to the Red Cross and $250,000 in food to Feeding America, the nation's largest hunger-relief charity. 

Radio Shack: The mobile electronics retailer will donate $50,000 donation to the Red Cross.The money will help cover costs of shelter, food, recovery and other assistance to families affected by the storm.

TD Bank Group: The TD Charitable Foundation will donate a combined $500,000 to the Red Cross.

Wells Fargo: The bank will donate $1 million for relief efforts. A portion of the funds, $250,000, will go to the Red Cross. The remaining $750,000 will go to support nonprofits conducting grassroots relief and recovery efforts in affected areas.

The New York Yankees: The Yankees will donate $500,000 to the American Red Cross to help support relief efforts in the tri-state area.

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7 responses to “10 Brands Leading the Way in Sandy Relief Efforts

  1. Indianapolis-based Eli Lilly and Company today announced that they are donating $200,000 to the American Red Cross and they are matching dollar for dollar any employee donations to ARC.

  2. I believe that Kohl’s has just announce a $1 Million Donation to the Red Cross as well.

  3. AT&T is sending satellite trucks to help boost capacity and cell phone charging to those affected by Sandy.

  4. Shame so much money is going to the greedy Red Cross! They spend most of their donations in administrative costs with only about 5 cents on the dollar going to those in need.

  5. JCP is donating a million and also facilitating blood drives nationwide to make up for missed drives that were to occur this week in affected areas as well as up the supply.

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