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In the Loop: A Look at Media Training from the Inside

December 21st, 1998 by

On Dec. 9, PR NEWS Senior Editor Debra Murphey sat in on a media training session led by Karen Berg, CEO of CommCore Communication Strategies, White Plains, N.Y. In the next two issues, PR NEWS… Continued

Industry News

December 21st, 1998 by

McQuerter Group Sponsors ‘Millennium Bug’ Contest Folks at marcom firm McQuerterGroup, San Diego, had their creative thinking caps on when they created one of the best contests we’ve seen in 1998. The "Pick Bug Contest,"… Continued

Case Study

December 21st, 1998 by

Nuclear Plant Gets Drilled on Crisis Management If a nuclear disaster strikes, the South Texas Project (STP) – the country’s second largest nuclear plant – proved it can disseminate timely, accurate news within an hour,… Continued


December 21st, 1998 by

January 25-26, 1999 "The 1999 Strategic Outsourcing Conference: Optimizing the Value of Outsourcing," The Conference Board, Sheraton Torrey Pines, La Jolla, Calif., register online at January 26-27 "Implementing the Balanaced Scorecard in Corporate Organizations,"… Continued

Key Contacts: Modern Maturity

December 21st, 1998 by

Modern Maturity 601 E Street NW Washington DC 20049 Phone: 202/434-6950 Fax: 202/434-6881 Generic press releases won’t go past the fax machine at the American Association of Retired Persons’ magazine, Modern Maturity. Acting Editor Elliot… Continued

Media Insight

December 21st, 1998 by 1755 Broadway, 2nd Floor New York, NY 10019 The online investment magazine of SmartMoney,, seeks topical information about managing finances. Any new technical improvements to help people invest their money wisely will gain… Continued

Survey Unique When Compared with Other Industries

December 21st, 1998 by

The NYC/PRSA survey is unquestionably progressive since many of the industry associations we contacted to gather similar data weren’t able to shed any light on the image of the professions they represent. PR NEWS called… Continued

Medialink Deal Results in Webcasting of Forbes Conference

December 21st, 1998 by

About 2,500 people viewed a Forbes conference session live via the Internet in the first Web casting event produced out of the recently gelled deal between and Medialink. The Dec. 10 webcast is one… Continued

PR Pros Content with their Career Choice But Think Profession Is Little Understood

December 21st, 1998 by

Most PR practitioners are very pleased with their career choice and proud of their profession, but quite unhappy with how they believe PR is perceived outside the ranks. Although the industry has experienced an unprecedented… Continued

Image Patrol Report

December 21st, 1998 by

Our grandchildren’s history books will record the globalization of our economy and growing influence of the Internet as the biggest factors in social change at the end of the 20th century. Perhaps that sounds too… Continued