Your Autumn Cheat Sheet: Big Data, Branding and Mobile

Image: USDA
Image: USDA

This Sunday (September 22) marks the official start of the fall season. Here's a sampling from some of the PR issues we covered this summer that are sure to become more pronounced this fall and in 2014.

Big Data
"Use Big Data To Build Your Brand
John Roderick

In our work developing data-centric communications strategies for some of the biggest information companies in the world, we’ve learned a few lessons about how to get the quants and the flacks to speak the same language:

Get senior management buy-in. The data-based communications campaign needs support from above if it is ever going to get off the ground.
Presentation is everything. Data is messy. The key is to package the unstructured information into a narrative summary that helps journalists easily identify a trend that shapes the news cycle.
Don’t overreach. It's crucial to identify a trend and not to build a computerized crystal ball.

Full article here.

"PR’s Role in Shaping Brand Perception Is Illustrated in Revival of Twinkies"
PR News Editors

Twinkies' relaunch campaign, dubbed “The Sweetest Comeback in the History of Ever,” featured pre-launch PR and marketing programs, including a new website with a countdown to the launch and street teams that hit some major markets (Chicago, Los Angeles and New York) to drive engagement. There also was social sharing of self-made Vine videos around the theme of “Prepare Your Cakeface.”

 Tara Naughton, senior VP of consumer marketing at MWW, recommended three tips for communicators who are assigned to give a brand a second life:

▶ Work collaboratively across marketing disciplines, rather than in silos.
▶ Develop strategies that help to personalize the brand among consumers.
▶ Practice creative storytelling that can cut through the clutter and be relevant for any media platform.

Full article here.

"The Path to Purchase (Increasingly) Starts With Mobile"
PR News Editors 

Mobile users reach for their devices early and often to find local information, according to the second annual Mobile Path-to-Purchase study released by Telmetrics and xAd. The study also found that both locale and promotions are hugely influential factors for purchasing decisions and conversion. Here are some other interesting nuggets from the study:

▶ To learn more about local goods and services, 45% of respondents said they initially use their mobile devices to research products.
▶ 60% of smartphone users and 53% of tablet users said they have completed purchases based on their device usage.

Full article here.

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