Few Consider the Potential Risks of Influencers [VIDEO]

As we know, there is a lot of enthusiasm for engaging with influencers on social media. Yet few communicators spend time strategizing about possible risks, says Emma Monks, head of trust & safety at Crisp Thinking. It was one of the takeaways from a PR News communication leaders roundtable. Crisp sponsored the roundtable in Baltimore, MD.

Held in conjunction with PR News' Healthcare Social Media Summit, many of the participants were senior communicators in the healthcare sector. Monks found her fellow roundtable participants very willing to discuss working with social. This surprised her. Healthcare is a highly regulated industry. Many brands in it are thought to be averse to social marketing.

She recommends brands and organizations choose social platforms with several things in mind. Think about the regulatory aspects of a platform, not only because its demographics say "this is the place to be."

The video can be found here.

Seth Arenstein is editor of PR News. Follow Seth: @skarenstein