In an Unprecedented Year, Multiple Mistakes Earn Equifax Top PR Crisis

Katie PaineCEO,Paine Publishing

I know “complicit” is’s word of the year. In my mind, “unprecedented” captured the top spot and should now probably be retired.

In 2017, a precedent was created for everything, no matter how bad, strange or bizarre.

Want more evidence? “Unprecedented” has been rising steadily, especially in the past year, according to Google Trends [please see chart]. It helps, of course, to have the media calling virtually everything that happened on any given day “unprecedented.”

And precedents weren’t only political. Corporations shattered precedent. We had an unprecedented fine slapped by the EU against Google ($2.7 billion) for manipulating search results to promote its price-comparison shopping service over those of others.

We also saw unprecedented venality from Wells Fargo when it announced that it “missed” another 1.


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