Top Women in PR 2014: Sydney Siegmeth

Sydney Siegmeth, PR Director, Taser International

As a company that caters primarily to law enforcement, Taser is often intertwined in public incidents that require a command of complex policy and legal issues. Sydney quickly taught herself the ins and outs of the issues relating to the company’s products, which include electrical weapons, on-officer cameras and digital evidence management. She is responsible for fielding reactive media requests during high profile events while also proactively positioning the company as a major tech player.

In the wake of the events in Ferguson, Missouri this past summer, Taser found itself inundated with media requests in relation to body-worn cameras. Sydney quickly took the reins of Taser’s response and coordinated the executives and specific law enforcement agency partners for interviews with national outlets like the New York Times, Fox Business News and CNN, as well as in countless local markets. She ably balanced a reactive response with a more proactive approach, providing brief, one-off quotes for time sensitive requests while also getting ahead of the story with efforts such as drafting op-eds and customer emails.