Top Women in PR 2014: Lisa Hartenberger

Lisa Hartenberger, Director, Corporate Communications, Navistar, Inc. 

Lisa is a business expert engaged in the increasingly critical field of internal communications. In the last year, working in a trusting relationship with senior management, she has successfully mobilized Navistar’s employees to turn around the iconic truck and engine maker. In doing so she has also effectively addressed multiple crises and preserved the company’s reputation. Now, building on the success of the turnaround initiative, she is leading a new program to transform Navistar’s culture for renewed industry leadership. Lisa is a recognized leader in her field, and continually demonstrates her commitment to building the disciple of organizational communications.

In the aftermath of a failed emissions strategy, Navistar called on its employees to implement new technologies and launch new products in record time, while improving quality, cutting costs, conserving cash and building sales momentum. Meanwhile, reductions in force risked undermining employees’ belief in the company’s strategy and the value of their own efforts. To sustain employees’ morale and commitment, Lisa and her team developed and executed a plan that clearly articulated specific business goal and built employees’ sense of engagement in delivering on them. Employee surveys showed that the communications plan succeeded, showing employees’ confidence in the strategy remained at high levels throughout the entire fiscal year. Reflecting this sustained internal alignment, employees met every deadline for new product launches, while delivering improved quality and exceeding their goals for cost saving.