Top Women in PR 2014: Katreena Salgado

Katreena Salgado, Senior Vice President, Imprenta Communications Group

When passion and vision collide, amazing things happen. Katreena Salgado’s passion for strong communication coupled with her genuine desire to build stronger communities has resulted in inspiring clients, colleagues and employees to make a difference at work and in their communities. Whether building nonprofit campaigns to empower marginal workers, or developing communications strategies to advocate for access to health care and education, Katreena taps into deeper reserves of generosity and kindness, while being a driving force far beyond a project’s life. She stands head and shoulders above most because she is passionately determined to produce lasting and sustainable change through her work.

The Department of Industrial Relations retained Imprenta Communications Group to help generate awareness of the infringement of rights in the California workplace. Katreena was crucial in creating and implementing the phrase “wage theft”, a crime that affects a significant number of American workers. Katreena led a team that executed a comprehensive communications and outreach campaign that included advertising, earned media, partnerships and stakeholder engagement. Once again, Katreena’s visual intellect created components that spoke to varying socioeconomic groups. Katreena personally put in time designing each component of this complex campaign, as she does with every campaign she leads. Imprenta garnered over 200 million impression from earned and paid media efforts in support of this anti-wage theft campaign.