Top Women in PR 2014: Justine Griffin

 Justine Griffin, Managing Director, Rasky Baerlein Strategic Communications 

Justine leads the crisis communications and reputation management practice at Rasky Baerlein. She helps clients who find themselves at the nexus of politics, media and business, either seeking high profile legislative approvals, passage of statewide ballot questions or permitting and approvals of mega-projects. Over the course of the past year, Justine has managed several of the most high profile business issues covered in the Massachusetts’s media. During her 10 years with Rasky Baelein, she has helped strengthen the firm’s crisis communications capabilities, raised the practice’s profile and contributed to the firm’s position as one of the top firms nationally.

One of Boston’s preeminent, nationally renowned hospitals was sued on behalf of a former surgeon, alleging gender discrimination. The well-known plaintiff’s attorney had a history of utilizing media coverage to support claims and influence litigation, and made it clear that she sought to raise a host of allegations that would have ramifications well beyond the courtroom. Justine led the Rasky litigation communications team that supported the legal team and hospital leadership. Ultimately, the hospital successfully defended itself and the communications strategy focused on providing the hospital with an appropriate and muted response to the victory in order to avoid stirring up controversy inside and outside the institution. In order to rebuild morale among staff, internal communications were crafted with sensitivity to those who may have thought the litigant’s claim of gender bias had some merit.