Top Women in PR 2014: Heidi Davidson

Heidi Davidson, SVP of Corporate Communications, Blackberry Ltd

Heidi Davidson has proven the strategic business value of public relations during BlackBerry’s most critical period. Heidi’s leadership has demonstrably enhanced Blackberry’s reputation through resourceful programming that tells the story of a transformation, reflects the company’s fighting spirit and makes measurable business impact.  She has been instrumental in setting a new direction and securing a promising future for BlackBerry.

In September 2013, CNNMoney declared it was “lights out” for BlackBerry. Heidi then led the communications program that introduced John Chen as BlackBerry’s turnaround artist. Instead of relying on flashy exhibit space or sponsorships, she chose to debut BlackBerry’s new business strategy with a media roundtable and one-on-one interviews at January’s Consumer Electronics Show. Heidi Created the first ever BlackBerry Security Summit, where the company unveiled a strategic acquisition, demoed solutions and held a panel featuring business leaders discussing BlackBerry’s strengths in enterprise and security. BlackBerry shares peaked at these times, demonstrating that a strong media push can impart confidence in the company’s stock.