Tools, Websites and Extensions to Up Your Digital PR and Content Game

Online tools, websites and internet extensions are the lifeblood of many data-driven campaigns. These online accessories have helped streamline many aspects of our day-to-day roles. The online PR and marketing community are great at finding these tools and sharing them far and wide on social media.

The best thing? Most of these tools are free to use.

Whether you’re looking for a simple keyword tool to help you write elevated performance content for SEO or you’re building out an internal bank of quick-win datasets, here is a list of useful tools, grouped into different categories:

Data visualisation
Notes / Project Management

Figma Design

A tool for collaborating on feedback, internally or with clients. You can keep different versions of creative assets on one dashboard to show progress as well as leaving real-time feedback on pinpointed areas of a design.


This tool is an online photo editor that is great for graphic design and making edits to visuals.


Forget Google images when you’re sourcing inspirational imagery for your client-facing decks or campaigns. Unsplash is an image search engine that is license free. You can sort images by landscape and portrait.

Data Visualisation
Data viz catalogue

This is a great website to browse when you’re looking for examples of data viz formats.


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