2016 Agency Elite Awards: Website

Winner: Lippe Taylor

PR agency Lippe Taylor’s goal for their new website was to create a modern, revitalized vision of the brand and bring it to life online while creating a fun and engaging experience for internet users. For the brand, the main purpose of the site is to catch the eye of potential clients by showcasing Lippe Taylor’s work in the most innovative way possible, while also attracting talent to its growing team.

Through its own research, Lippe Taylor discovered that 30 percent of their site traffic was from mobile devices, but their site wasn’t yet optimized for mobile. Updating the site to reflect newer trends in internet usage, the agency demonstrated its work, creativity and company culture in an immersive way that was user-friendly, visual and digestible. After extensively researching the websites of its top competitors as well as up-and-coming digital agencies, Lippe Taylor found many of its competition’s sites to be forgettable, content heavy and lacking personality. In an effort to do better, Lippe Taylor focused its new site on three main areas: the work, the people and the place.