2016 Agency Elite Awards: Agency Team of the Year

Winner: IW Group

Throughout the year, IW Group’s six-person New York team led a slate of innovative and groundbreaking campaigns that achieved unprecedented results for both the firm and its clients. The diversity of the modestly budgeted campaigns are a testament to the creativity, versatility and nimbleness of the team. The pioneering team structure, which eliminates individual departments in favor of a single multi-disciplinary and cross-functional staff, has proven so effective that IQ Group will be implementing it agency-wide in the coming year.

To compete in today’s real-time PR environment, having a Rolodex of media contacts will no longer suffice. Relating to the public now requires a model that blurs the lines between PR, marketing and advertising, as well as content creation, social media and digital communications. While many agencies are still trying to figure out their path along the digital landscape, IW Group’s team of six has effectively adapted their strategy to suit modern messaging.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Ballantines PR
  • Klick Communications
  • Murphy O'Brien Public Relations