2016 Agency Elite Awards: Public Affairs

Winner: Butler Associates Public Relations Uniformed Firefighters Association of Greater New York - Correct the $27/Day Disability Crisis for New York's Bravest

The Fire Department of the City of New York is the largest and busiest fire department in the world, with more than 11,500 firefighters who put their lives on the line daily to protect the city and its citizens. However, an inadvertent gubernatorial veto in June 2009 left new firefighters with just $27 per day in total disability protections if they are paralyzed or permanently disabled in the line of duty. The department engaged Butler Associates, which has represented the FDNY union for 20 years, to create and lead a highly visible campaign to restore full disability protections for all new and future FDNY firefighters.

More than 200 print, digital and broadcast earned media placements chronicled the $27 per day disability protection campaign. The campaign succeeded in gaining wide support of leading stakeholders including clergy, prominent political columnists and top news editors. Over a hundred key city and state elected officials added to the campaign's momentum, the majority of whom issued strong statements of support. Subsequently, the Mayor of the City of New York pledged to restore full disability protections for 2,000 New York City firefighters and all future firefighters.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Davies Public Affairs - Vancouver Energy
  • Powell Tate - Halting a tax on medical innovation
  • SKDKnickerbocker - Katrina 10: Resilient New Orleans