2016 Agency Elite Awards: Media Relations

Winner: Cone Communications - 2015 Jiffy Lube National Donut Day

Jiffy Lube’s senior leadership is especially keen on driving business around tire services. Cone saw an opportunity to align tire services with National Donut Day, focusing on a tire safety message helping consumers avoid using their spare “donut” tire. The team felt that with the right message, Jiffy Lube could be the outlier—the only non-donut maker to make a big splash on National Donut Day. Cone conducted a two-year media audit to see which brands were active on National Donut Day, what they were offering and if there was a window of opportunity for Jiffy Lube.

Jiffy Lube had to work harder than donut and other food brands to prove relevance on National Donut Day. Finding a way to stand out, while ensuring that the promotion seamlessly tied back to the affinity day and edible donuts, would be critical to the campaign’s success. The campaign secured coverage in 16 national outlets deemed to be top-tier, including "Good Morning America," ABCNews.com, TIME.com and Thrillist.com. The campaign totaled more than 111 media hits and 152 million impressions.

Honorable Mentions:

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  • Murphy O'Brien Public Relations - Santa Catalina Island Company: Breathing Life Back into an Iconic Destination
  • Sweeney Marketing + PR - Jo-Ann Local Television Coverage
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