2016 Agency Elite Awards: Marketing Communications

Winner: RF|Binder - Changing Public Perception of Algae: A Groundswell Marketing Campaign from the Thrive Brand

RF|Binder was tasked with bringing to market the first-ever culinary algae oil: Thrive. During the launch, the agency sought to change public perception of algae and position it as a delicious, heart-healthy oil. RF|Binder utilized careful, research-based analysis to inform its grassroots marketing approach and build brand identity. As an extension of the brand team, the agency worked to break down barriers associated with eating algae by collaborating with nutrition and culinary influencers to tell Thrive’s story and create market demand. The launch ignited excitement around algae across the media, influencer and consumer marketplace.

Overall, the agency’s work helped to create a successful platform for building buzz around algae oil, equipping some of the country’s most influential chefs, nutritionists, wellness experts and fitness trainers to spark the conversation and share their love of Thrive. This outreach resulted in national placements touting algae as the next hot food trend and secured 157 Instagram posts, 199 tweets, 46 Facebook posts and 22 blog posts featuring algae oil.

Honorable Mentions: 

  • Atomic 212 Group - Lucy the Robot
  • The Hawaiian Electric Companies - A Sustainable Solar Future for Hawaii
  • Makovsky - Soraa Product Guide
  • Stein IAS and Trelleborg Marine Systems - Measurable Marketing Quality