2016 Agency Elite Awards: Internal Communications

Co-Winner: Newlink - OneNewl1nk

OneNewl1nk’s core objective is to achieve internal collaboration and regional alignment in order to become a truly integrated company. To do so, the company embarked on a journey to maximize its potential and create a unified regional company by leveraging each employee’s expertise. The strategy consisted of different engagement, alignment and internal communications initiatives executed throughout the year.

The team executed communication plans utilizing the critical support of OneNewl1ink Ambassadors in each office representing overall interests and needs, adapting messages to the culture and needs of each local office, evaluating the effectiveness of the integration strategy and measuring results locally. As a result of the campaign, collaboration between teams and offices on client work and new business opportunities is on the rise.

Co-Winner: US Postal Service - Western Word

The overarching strategy of the Western Word newsletter is to offer current, relevant information that employees can use to enhance their pursuit of exceptional customer service. To offer this dynamic content, each edition of the Western Word leads with an article from the Area Vice President that conveys a special message on an important topic relevant to current events. In addition to offering specific, actionable items to employees, the Western Word encourages positive behavior by displaying such actions from fellow employees.

Success of the publication is demonstrated through the publication itself. At one point, the Western Word consisted of five pages and only occasionally featured employee highlight articles. Today, the newsletter has doubled in length and features many employee-centered articles. The dramatic improvement in content is a direct result of substantial employee-contributed material received consistently each week. The current size and scope of the Western Word would not be possible without this level of employee participation and excitement.