2016 Agency Elite Awards: Financial Communications

Winner: Vested - The Business of Star Wars: A Citadel Conversation

It’s always difficult to make a business-to-business campaign genuinely interesting. Citadel has an excellent investment track record: just 3 percent of hedge funds make it to their 20th year, and Citadel is in its 26th year of existence. Its group of hedge funds also ranks among the most successful and highest capitalized in the world. What can be a challenge is showing the human side of a hedge fund. Even in an industry dominated by algorithms, a hedge fund’s people are its main assets, and the objective of Vested’s work with Citadel was to showcase the people who make the fund tick.

There was no better way to do this and humanize the company than have employees talk about the business of the fabled Star Wars movie franchise to demonstrate both their business acumen and pop-culture knowledge. Topics of discussion included how movie studios use intellectual property, the role of global markets in financing and the attractiveness of the movie industry as an investment opportunity for institutions. The campaign featured video, design and branding that sought to replicate the visual style of the Star Wars franchise in a responsive micro-site that featured heavy use of video and infographics.

Honorable Mentions:

  • LDWWgroup - GameStop EARNING Extra Lives
  • Olmstead Williams Communications - Oberthur Technologies: Driving chip cards into American wallets