2016 Agency Elite Awards: Community Relations

Co-Winner: Sage Communications - Leadership Greater Washington Fully Integrated Communications Campaign

Sage Communications first conducted a messaging session with key organizational stakeholders, wherein a messaging hierarchy and matrix were established. Sage then created guideline materials for all Leadership Greater Washington (LDW) staff to utilize moving forward. Understanding the strategic direction of the client, Sage constructed a new logo, brand and marketing material look and feel. Sage Communications also overhauled the website and all web materials with new website architecture and digital communications materials.

Debbie Kaplan of LDW affirmed Sage Communications' status as an essential component in the growth of the organization. Sage played a key strategic role in LDW's rebranding and execution. Sage’s redesign continues to contribute to the establishment of LGW as the premier Washington, D.C. organization that engages leaders, encourages collaboration and celebrates diversity.

Co-Winner: SKDKnickerbocker - Katrina 10: Resilient New Orleans

The 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina marked a milestone in the City of New Orleans’ recovery and presented an opportunity to showcase what “resilience” means in practice. The SKDKnickerbocker (SKDK) team employed essential best practices that positioned a concrete example of resilience building in front of thought leaders, policy makers, advocates and the media.

Recognizing that the story of the city’s recovery is complex, SKDK began its media outreach long before the media descended upon New Orleans. Employing a “plow the field before planting the seed” strategy, the team established relationships with reporters, editors, columnists, producers and bookers early on to ensure they were fully informed of the success and the progress New Orleans had experienced since Katrina, as well as where challenges remain.