2016 Agency Elite Awards: Business to Business

Winner: Bhava Communications - Hedvig: Going Back to Basics - Launching from Stealth in an Overcrowded Industry

Bhava Communications and Hedvig began their partnership back in 2014 with a plan to launch into the crowded software-defined storage (SDS) market. Anticipating a difficult launch, Bhava worked diligently to message the company in a way that differentiated Hedvig from the rest of the SDS market. Reviewing everything the partners had to work with, they realized Hedvig’s product wasn’t its only major differentiator. Founder Avinash Lakshman, who created Amazon Dynamo and Facebook’s Cassandra technologies, was the secret weapon the launch needed.

With a reinforced message and strategy, Bhava and Hedvig easily avoided the mistakes of its competitor—landing more than 60 articles in major publications including Business Insider, The Wall Street Journal and TechCrunch. Social media also saw a significant spike in traffic, with over 1,000 tweets generated and more than 13 million Twitter impressions within one week of launch.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Antenna Group - Miraah
  • Bhava Communications - CrowdFlower Campaign: “The Data Behind Today’s Data Scientists”
  • INK Public Relations - INK for Datapipe
  • NCR Small Business with Arketi Group - NCR Silver Generates Small Business Media Buzz
  • SHIFT Communications - Creating a Security Rainmaker