Terms You Need to Know [December 2021]

RTO: Crisis pros know words have consequences. So do acronyms. R.T.O. (Return to Office) is preferable to R.T.W. (Return to Work). As you craft reopening messages, note staff don’t mind the office, it’s work that bugs them.  More COVID-era terms:  Bookcase Credibility (‘That bound copy of Crisis Insider looked great on your shelf during the video call’) and Zoombie (self-explanatory).

CBP: Customs and Border Protection. During the Trump years, CBP targeted terrorists as well as 20 journalists, a new government report says. CBP says “well-established protocols and best practices” dictate its work. “CBP does not investigate individuals without a legitimate and legal basis to do so,” it adds.  The Associated Press calls CBP’s targeting writers a “flagrant...misuse” of power.