Southwest Airlines Navigates Turbulent Cyber Skies And Links PR To Sales

Company: Southwest Airlines

Agency: SEO-PR

Timeframe: January 2004 - Spring 2005

To be alive in the airline industry today is no small feat; to be thriving in it is a heroic accomplishment. Bankruptcy news has plagued the likes of Delta,

Independence Air and United Airlines, but Southwest Airlines has ducked that trend and enjoyed continued profitability. To further promote its success, the

domestic carrier - known largely for its affordable prices - teamed up with search engine optimization company/PR firm SEO-PR (San Francisco) in 2004 and instigated a

measurement juggernaut: linking online press release dissemination to sales via major search engines, including Yahoo News, Google News and AOL

News. The result: an estimated $2.5 million in ticket sales generated solely from online releases.

But the distance between points A and B was not so easily traversed, as is often the case with measurement challenges. Greg Jarboe, CEO of SEO-PR, and his team of

practitioners enabled optimized press releases to precipitate measurable sales results for Southwest through a five-step campaign that hinged on a history lesson. Harold

Lasswell, a proprietary PR practitioner from the World War II era, developed a model of communications that Jarboe edited for this new-media age where search engines are channels

of communications: Who seeks what in which channel from whom with what effects?


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