Social Media in Small Business; Readers’ News Story Preferences; Best Brand Equity; 500 Finds Twitter

▶ Social Media Big in Small Businesses: In a survey of 1,700 small-business leaders on their usage of digital/social media by, the most popular platforms they turn to for business decision making are webinars and podcasts, user ratings and reviews of business products and services, and business profiles on social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Other findings include: • All respondents currently use one or more social media resources for business-relevant information in their day-to-day job • The convenience and speed with which small business decision makers can find business-relevant information is what attracts them to social media resources. • Respondents in the Internet and online, advertising and marketing, and computers and software industries use more social media resources for business than respondents from other industries, while decision makers in the healthcare, retail and legal industries use fewer social media resources for business than study respondents from other industries • B2B decision makers use significantly more social media resources for business than their B2C counterparts Source: ▶ Top News Topics: In a Pew Research Center study quizzing Americans on the mix of news stories they receive across the variety of platforms, respondents say there is enough coverage of such subjects as: sports and athletes; business and finance; music and the arts; international news; technology; U.S. domestic policy. The following are subjects respondents would like to see more of in the news: • Science news and discoveries: 44% of Americans say there is not enough coverage of science-related news. Younger adults are more likely than senior citizens to express interest in increased coverage. • Religion and spirituality: 41% say there is not enough coverage of this area; young adults ages 18-29 (49%) are more likely than those over age 50 (35%) to say this; and bloggers (50%) are more likely than non-bloggers (40%) to say this. • State government: 39% of Americans say there is not enough coverage of news about their state government. There are no significant demographic variations where this topic is concerned.


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