Employee-Driven CSR Hedges Against ‘The Great Resignation’

It’s not a secret that employees are leaving jobs in droves during The Great Resignation. The reasons include burnout, poor corporate reputation, being asked to make moral compromises; the list goes on.

And more than half of employees (52 percent) say they would leave if company values don’t align with their own. Moreover, 75 percent would not accept a new job that’s misaligned with their beliefs, according to 2021 research from Blue Beyond Consulting and Future Workplace.

One way of aligning corporate values with employee interests is through CSR. Engaging in community service is good in itself, of course. Yet the examples below indicate how a mix of more traditional corporate efforts and employee-chosen initiatives can potentially slow The Great Resignation.

Below we look at examples of employee-driven CSR programs drawn from finalists in the PRNEWS Social Impact Awards.

[For a look at additional successful CSR programs, join us at the Social Impact Awards and Summit, April 20-21, Pentagon City, VA.]

Power to Employees
Houda Elyazgi, chief client officer at Saxum and a finalist in the Mentor of the Year category, leads the agency’s Step Up program. The initiative offers free communication services to nonprofits. Candidate nonprofits are located in areas where Saxum's employees live and work.


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