You Need to Take a Risk Retreat

One of the best ways to prepare for your company’s next crisis is to simply walk away. Holed up at home or in weird hybrid work environments during these last few years has distorted our perspective.

Not to mention that the world has changed so much since all of us were together in the office. So, before we venture back into the new normal, it would be a smart idea to conduct what I’ve started calling a risk retreat.

A risk retreat is a chance for you and your colleagues to take an intense look at what could go wrong in the coming months. Ideally, you are not conducting this retreat in intellectual isolation.

Instead, consider who else can help challenge your assumptions. This could include experts in health, social and political issues. In addition, it’s wise to incorporate people who are not members of the executive team. This could include contractors and even your customers.

One of the main goals should be to review, revise and, in most cases, completely rewrite your crisis plan. Look at what has not worked well in response to recent events.


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