Report Card: 16 Brand Crisis Management Responses From 2016

There were so many candidates for Image Patrol this month, and with the year ending we decided to forego the usual comparison of two brands and instead create the ultimate image disaster list for 2016. Some candidates shown in our charts have appeared in these pages previously, others popped up only in the last month or so. As always, our grades are based on a combination of:

    Extent of coverage
    Effectiveness of spokespeople
    Communication of key messages
    Management of negative messages
    Impact on stakeholders
    Impact on shareholders (if applicable)
Katie Paine
Katie Paine
    Impact on employees (if applicable)

We then average the individual scores to create an overall score.

In the charts that follow, you’ll find our candidates ranked from best, or rather least worst, to absolute worst.

In cases of a tie, the brand’s efforts to mitigate the crisis were considered so that we could break the tie.