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Numbers, Stats, Analytics: You may love it. You may hate it. Either way, it is a required skill these days, for all communicators.

In this just published 10th edition of the PRNEWS Measurement Guidebook you'll learn about the latest practices in measurement and hear how analytics are used as both a performance and a planning tool.

This go-to resource offers you everything from measuring media coverage, employee engagement and social media ROI, to the best analytics tools for creating dynamic, forward-facing dashboards any C-suite will love.

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We all know investing the time and energy into honing your measurement skills is one of the best things you can do for your career, especially as communications teams are increasingly being asked to prove the value of their work. There's no doubt, you will stay ahead of the curve when you focus on outcomes over outputs, the metrics that matter most to your business, and how to best utilize analytics tools (native and third-party) to your advantage.

The PRNEWS Measurement Guidebook helps communicators not only understand the basics of working with data and metrics, but this must-have resource also helps communicators, at all levels and from all types of organizations, hone their skills.

You'll get insights on how other organizations use analysis to improve business performance and advice from the best in the business.

Be sure to get your hands on the takeaways, examples, guidance, charts, tools and tips you'll find in this new edition. Order your copy today!


  • The State of PR Measurement: Are We There Yet? By Tina McCorkindale
  • Don’t Fear Data: Communications Measurement As It Stands By PRNEWS Editors
  • A Mobster Makes PR Measurement an Offer Communicators Can’t Refuse By John Gilfeather
  • Twelve Leaders Assess the Data Era By Seth Arenstein
  • PR Needs to Transform Its Mindset on Data to Focus on Growth and Analysis By Allyson Hugley
  • The Analytics-Data Bandwagon Is Slow Going, New Survey Shows By Seth Arenstein
  • You Don’t Have to Be a Data Scientist to Master Measurement By PRNEWS Editors
  • Real or Fake? How to Make Sure Your Brand Really Wants to Prioritize Data By David Rockland
  • Image Analytics Emerges as Vital Metric for Communications By Margot Savell
  • Reputation Evaluation Challenges for Communicators By Seth Arenstein
  • Four Steps to Improve Your Team’s Analytical and Financial Skills By Mike McDougall
  • Data and Insights Are Equally Important in PR Measurement By Seth Arenstein
  • The Next Gen Communicator: The Skills and Talents That Equal Success By PRNEWS Editors
  • Reliable Media Data That Drives Strategy Remains Elusive, Research Shows By PRNEWS Editors
  • Close Chapter
  • Brands Urged to Focus on Insights When Building Data-Driven Culture By Barry Leggetter
  • A Simple Scoreboard Method for Small and Medium-Sized Organizations By James Savage
  • Cutting Through the Communications Data Wilderness: Moving From Data to Insights By PRNEWS Editors
  • When Big Data Equals Big Answers By PRNEWS Editors
  • The Importance of Measurable Public Relations By Mark Weiner
  • Google Says PR Measurement Is About Quality Over Quantity By PRNEWS Editors
  • Performance Vs. Outcomes: Why You’re Asessing PR All Wrong By Aly Saxe
  • Measuring the World: Tips & Tactics for Global Measurement Programs By Margot Savell
  • Five Considerations for Setting PR Evaluation Benchmarks By PRNEWS Editors
  • Two Industry Leaders Discuss How to Build an Insights-Driven Brand Culture By PRNEWS Editors
  • Isolating the Impact of PR Through Correlated Behavior Changes By Angela Sinickas
  • Tying Earned Media Hits to a Business Objective By Hollie Geitner
  • How to Align PR to Business Objectives to Capture Mindshare and More Budget By Therese Van Ryne
  • The New Data Mix: Choosing the Right KPIs Based on Campaign Goals By Dana Taormina
  • A Call for a Measurement Standard Where Outcomes Will Be Useful By Graeme Harris
  • Close Chapter
  • How Facebook, Snapchat and Pinterest Help Generate and Track Sales By Kathleen Celano
  • Three Common Social Media and Site Analytics Mistakes By PRNEWS Editors
  • The Dirty Little Secret of Social Media Metrics By Allen Plummer
  • How the US Fish and Wildlife Service Turns Metrics Into Engagement By Seth Arenstein
  • How Much Influence? Tips and Tactics to Quantify PR Influencer Success By Margot Savell
  • How to Brainstorm, Build and Break Down Your Next Visual Campaign By PRNEWS Editors
  • How Oracle Drives Engagement on Social by Serving Thought Leadership By Seth Arenstein
  • Why It’s Dangerous to Rely Too Heavily on Native Social Media Analytics By PRNEWS Editors
  • The Four-Tiered Sales Funnel That Can Help With Social Storytelling By Carmen Collins
  • A Guide to Turning Offline Action Into Digital Impact By PRNEWS Editors
  • Close Chapter
  • Taking a Holistic View of PR Measurement By Christine Perkett
  • How to Effectively Assess Your PESO Media Coverage By PRNEWS Editors
  • Less is More: A PESO Method From Super Bowl Champs By PRNEWS Editors
  • Why You Should Avoid Artificially Inflating Earned Media Metrics By Graeme Harris
  • Close Chapter
  • How Measuring Leaders Can Boost Internal Engagement and Profitability By Patricia Bayerlein
  • Employee Engagement and The Top Nine Ways You Should Be Gauging It By David Gorodetski and Brian Kelley
  • How to Build Measurable Performance Solutions Using Internal Communications By Mary Miller
  • Close Chapter
  • Nine Communications Leaders Speak About How the C-Suite Values PR By PRNEWS Editors
  • Why “Value” is the Ultimate C-Suite Metric By Brent Diggins
  • CEOs Give the C-Suite’s View of Public Relations in 2018 By PRNEWS Editors
  • Communicating PR to the C-Suite: Two Approaches With Several Common Aspects By Seth Arenstein
  • Close Chapter
  • How to Build a Dashboard to Reflect Business Goals By Peter Osborne
  • Three Communications Dashboard Sins You May Be Committing By PRNEWS Editors
  • Six Ways Communicators Can Use Google Analtyics’ Intelligence Feature By PRNEWS Editors
  • Five Steps to the Perfect PR Data Dashboard By Seth Arenstein
  • Three Ways to Quit Hoarding Your PR Data and Be More Selective By Seth Arenstein
  • Six KPIs to Steer Your Google Analytics Program By PRNEWS Editors
  • How Data Mapping Can Help You Identify The Best Influencers for Your Brand By PRNEWS Editors
  • Three Sources PR Pros Can Use to Jumpstart Persona Research By PRNEWS Editors
  • How to Create a Customized Digital Signals Tool From Scratch By PRNEWS Editors
  • A Manifesto Against Static, Backwards-Looking Communications Dashboards By PRNEWS Editors
  • Close Chapter
  • Next-Gen Communicators Preach Data With a Human Heart By Seth Arenstein
  • General Motors’ Four Routes to Driving an Insights-Based Culture By Seth Arenstein
  • How the US Fish and Wildlife Service Links Social Listening to Content Creation By Seth Arenstein
  • How Coca-Cola’s Quest to Calculate Engagement Led to a New Metric By Natalie A. Johnson
  • How Aetna is Transforming Its Communications With Consistent Metrics By PRNEWS Editors
  • Close Chapter
  • Dictionary of Public Relations Measurement and Research By Don W. Stacks and Shannon A. Bowen (Editors)
  • The Barcelona Declaration of Measurement Principles By the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC)
  • Interim Standards By Coalition for Public Relations Research Standards
  • Close Chapter

Featured Companies

This guidebook features case studies and contributions from companies like:

PR Measurement Guidebook Featured Company
PR Measurement Guidebook Featured Company
PR Measurement Guidebook Featured Company
PR Measurement Guidebook Featured Company
PR Measurement Guidebook Featured Company
PR Measurement Guidebook Featured Company


Here’s a sample of some of the exclusive content in this guidebook:

PR Measurement Guidebook Sample Article

A sample article: Isolating the Impact of PR Through Correlated Behavior Changes By Angela Sinickas

PR Measurement Guidebook Sample Article

A sample article: Google Says PR Measurement Is About Quality Over Quantity By PRNEWS Editors

PR Measurement Guidebook Sample Article

A sample article: Isolating the Impact of PR Through Correlated Behavior Changes By Angela Sinickas

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