Next Big Thing: Non-Financial Factors will Link PR, Reputation & Share Price

The latest PRNEWS Measurement, Tech and Talent Survey (see related stories on p.1 and 6 of this month’s edition) looks at where we are as a profession. In addition, it considers where we’re headed, asking: What’s the next big thing for communications research and evaluation? It’s a good question to ponder as we celebrate Measurement Month.

But, in an ironic twist, only 12 percent consider predictive analytics the next big thing (see chart on p. 15).

Savvy researchers apply significant resources to predictive analytics. They recognize its power. Imagine predicting the virality of a news item or a post. Would you like to know where competitors are headed so you can preempt them or mitigate any advantage?

Looking at other responses to the survey question, consider the gap between “An emphasis on automation, DIY and AI” (5 percent) and “A balanced mix of technology and talent”(27 percent). Could the 5 percent mean everyone already owns a PR platform?


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