Media Relations’ Value Stands, Though 90% of PR Pros Spend Less Than 25% of Their Day on It

newspapers lined up

It’s still early enough in 2020 to make resolutions. How about this? Earned media isn’t dead. It’s not easy, though. Fewer than 10 percent of respondents in our February snap survey of 150 media relations executives said gaining coverage is easier or far easier than it used to be (see chart 5).

Still, respondents confirmed their belief in earned media’s value. They also seem to be practicing media relations well. They’re tailoring pitches and more thoroughly researching the content creators they pitch. On the other hand, few are devoting signficant time to what they see as a difficult part of PR.

Our first question (chart 1), where respondents could check multiple answers, found a fairly even distribution of pain points. It seems significant that just 7 percent agreed with the statement, “My bosses believe earned media is not important, so we don’t pitch much.” In addition, earned media’s worth was bolstered when just 10 percent said they don’t trust content creators “to tell our story accurately.


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