What Five Guys Can Teach PR Pros About Promoting Press Coverage

If you’re a fan of burgers and fries, there’s a good chance that you’ve been to a Five Guys restaurant. When you walk through the door, what’s one of the first things you notice, right after the smell and sizzle of meat on the grill? 

Once your eyes scan the walls you’re barraged with press coverage and quotes that sing the praises of Five Guys. It’s like a PR coverage report was brought to life in a space that also happens to serve burgers.

This in-your-face approach to press mentions provides lessons that communication professionals and companies can apply.

Make your press coverage highly visible

This seems obvious, but it’s surprising how many companies inadvertently bury their press coverage. You work so hard to get it; why not make sure people see it? There’s more to it than simply sharing coverage on social media. Press hits should be included on every available communication channel that makes sense.

Does your website prominently feature press coverage? Mentioning outlets that have covered you is a good start, but providing quotes and links to the coverage is even better. Do you include press coverage in sales presentations, advertising campaigns and other offline opportunities? 

Five Guys could stop at touting press coverage all over its website and social media. Instead, it's gone to the next level, making it the decoration in its most valuable communication channel: Its restaurants.

Feature press coverage from outlets of all sizes

You might expect Five Guys to feature coverage and quotes from well-known national publications only. However, it takes just as much pride in local and regional coverage. You can see proof of this on Five Guys restaurant walls. For a local restaurant, community validation can be even more powerful to customers than a generic comment from a national outlet.

We all love getting major national press coverage for companies and those we represent; however, that doesn’t mean you should neglect regional or industry-specific outlets. Sometimes trade and regional coverage is easier to get. In addition, it’s also likely to have more influence on potential customers.

And don’t forget: once you get it, make it visible.

Promote coverage to current customers

When you walk into a Five Guys restaurant, you’ve already decided to be a customer. So, why is it important for current customers to be reminded of how great the food is through press clippings while they’re already there?

We like to feel like we’ve made good choices. In the case of food, you can taste it, but knowing that other influential voices agree with your decision makes you even more confident. Moreover, it improves the likelihood that you’ll be back again and again.

Similarly, your customers obviously liked you enough to become customers. Sharing press coverage through email and other channels to remind customers that others also find you interesting keeps them engaged. It also prevents them from taking a closer look at your competitors.

Five Guys shows that there’s nothing wrong with being proud of press coverage. It also shows us that PR lessons can come from anywhere—even burgers and fries.

Brandon Watts is founder and principal of Wattsware