Attribution Analysis: Why This Approach Could Help Revolutionize PR

[Editor’s Note: Part II of II. Part I of this series appeared in the September 2019 edition of PRNEWS.]

Mark Weiner, Chair, IPR Commission on Measurement and Evaluation, Chief Insights Officer, Cision, Inc.

Tracking reach, frequency, message penetration and sentiment with existing methods provides meaningful guidance for planning and continuous improvement. Yet, new, supplemental approaches promise to revolutionize PR. The spark for this uprising is attribution analysis.

For years, marketers have applied attribution analysis to assess the impact of their digital campaigns. They have assigned credit for every successful marketing interaction from awareness, engagement, lead acquisition to, ultimately, a successful sale. Understanding how one’s PR activities move a prospect down the funnel is critical in today’s multi-faceted business-accountability environment.

Attribution analysis applies an invisible watermark to every digital news item covering your company, brand and product. The watermark is indelible, so the technology follows an individual reader from the news page to your website, or that of your competitors.

Once on your website, the technology identifies every level of interaction: the reader focused on the “About Us” section, or downloaded an order form or application.


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