Take a Broad View of Increased Media Coverage of Climate and Sustainability

[Editor’s Note: As two major media outlets announced plans to bolster climate change coverage, we asked Jeff Lambert, chairman of Michigan-based PR and investor relations firm Lambert Global, how companies should react. His initial advice is to make sure you’re actually doing good environmental work before you begin talking about it. We also asked Lambert about investor relations trends and the challenges of corporate citizenship, especially when senior executives are taking stands on issues that put them at odds with their companies.

In addition, we asked about the workings of PROI Worldwide, the global alliance of some 80 independent PR firms in 55 countries. Lambert is PROI’s global chair-elect. His remarks were lightly edited.]

PRN: What are two trends investor relations executives are watching at this time?

Jeff Lambert, chairman, Lambert Global

Jeff Lambert: The rise of the retail investor. This individual or retail investor is now 30 percent of trading value. Five years ago, they were in the low teens. They now have much more influence. Their numbers are up because of online investing and free trading.


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