Winter Blues? Melt Them Away With 10 Inspiring Quotes From PR News’ Community

With several months left before the chill lifts for much of the country, it can be easy to slip into the winter blues during the work week (that is, unless you're joining us in sunny SoCal next week at PR News' Digital Summit & Crisis Management Boot Camp, Feb. 23-24 in Huntington Beach, CA).  To ease your winter blues, we asked PR News' Twitter followers to share the mantras and inspirational quotes that help them stay motivated, even when they're buried in RFPs, pitches and more social media accounts than they can count.

Repost and print your favorites, pin them to your office wall and watch as your winter blues melt away...

dip your feet in a pool of possibilities
Submitted by @_iriiriiri
public relations fails when there is no integrity. viv segal
Submitted by @jerdrago
don't quit. suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion. muhammad ali
Submitted by @aiishkar
hard work always beats talent when talent doesnt work hard.
Submitted by @Lindsay_LeGrand
pivot and smile it can get you through just about anything
Submitted by @kovalskyc
Focus on fixing today's problems and today's problems alone -- because tomorrow has enough problems of its own.
Submitted by @jaimyrgardner
! (7)
Submitted by @krishunterpr
either you run the day or the day runs yo
Submitted by @jennifertmckay
the secret to getting ahead is getting started, mark twain
Submitted by @jennifertmckay
use that intuition to make a special connection.
Submitted by @sjfcommo

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