Top PR Job Hunting Mistakes to Avoid [Infographic]

For all intents and purposes PR people should be among the elite when it comes to acing a job interview. With messaging at the forefront of communications, PR pros can easily transfer their skills from controlling the messages of brands and clients to presenting their personal brand to a potential employer.

Unfortunately, the interview is often the last leg of the race when it comes to landing a new job. It all starts with sifting through what’s out there with services like LinkedIn and PR News’ Job Center, not to mention personal networks of colleagues and contacts.

But the fact is that job hunting, while at times laced with the bright potential of a new beginning, can be a frustrating and thankless endeavor. It’s a grind that typically takes some time whether you’re fresh out of college, rejoining the workforce after a hiatus or looking for a new opportunity.

With all the interviews, resume critiquing and applications, the process can become a cycle that job seekers risk getting lost in. But there are a few things to keep in mind—not to mention pitfalls to avoid—when navigating the space between jobs.  Armstrong Appointments offers this helpful infographic to keep job hunters moving forward with their eyes on the prize.