How the Ad Council Vets Influencers and Measures their Impact on Campaigns

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With the PRNEWS Influencer Marketing virtual seminar coming up on April 25, we’re giving readers and soon-to-be attendees a chance to meet some speakers.

The event's theme, "Using Influencers in PR Campaigns," covers vetting and selecting influencers, measuring the performance of these campaigns, and a 2023 legal update, among other topics.

In this brief Q&A, we caught up with speaker Elena Havas Taylor, Director, Creators for Good, Ad Council

PRNEWS: What methods does the Ad Council use to assess whether an influencer's values align with the goal of a specific campaign?

Elena Havas Taylor, Director, Creators for Good, Ad Council

Elena Havas Taylor: We employ a rigorous vetting process when sourcing [what we call] Trusted Messengers for our campaigns. Trusted Messengers can vary broadly by campaign, spanning influencers, talent, celebrities, athletes, musicians, creators, medical professionals and subject matter experts...Part of the process includes reviewing their personal brand, social media presence, public statements, and past work...

PRNEWS: How does the Ad Council manage potential risks associated with outspoken influencers, given the wide range of initiatives the organization supports?

Havas Taylor: We take a comprehensive approach to understanding influencers as individuals. We look at the content they create across platforms, taking into consideration their personality traits, past brand sponsorships, affinities and mentions of political and social stances...

Vetting helps us paint a full picture of who we look to partner with and helps to highlight any potential risks. If any red flags or areas of concern are identified, we’ll work closely with our campaign partners to determine the best course of action....

PRNEWS: What metrics does the Ad Council use to determine the success of an influencer partnership?

Havas Taylor: Our Campaign Analytics team crafts a custom measurement strategy for every campaign we deploy. Depending on the campaign goal, success metrics may include reach and engagement with our target audience, measuring overall campaign awareness, or behavioral or attitudinal changes over a period of time.

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