How Facebook Can Better Reflect Your Brand Attributes

Jason Vasquez

Come on, vogue. If you’re looking for some guidance on leveraging your Facebook pages, you may want to consult with the fashion industry. Jason Vasquez, assistant VP, consumer-lending communications at Wells Fargo, said that fashionistas provide PR managers and directors with some of the best examples on wedding imagery and other rich content to your Facebook campaigns.

Vasquez will speak at PR News’ Digital PR Summit in San Francisco on Feb. 5, during a session titled, “How to Really Use Facebook for Your PR Efforts.” In the Q&A below, Vasquez provides some insights on where Facebook goes from here.

PR News: Where do you think Facebook now fits in best as part of a comprehensive PR campaign?

Jason Vasquez: In the past few years, Facebook has really evolved to build and enhance brand development for newer companies and for others that are more established. I’m now seeing the social media platform being leveraged to promote a variety of products, [PR] campaigns and, in some cases, tell a company or customer story. Businesses and organizations today are becoming more conscious of the benefits found in telling more holistic, multi-layered stories.

PR News: What are the main stumbling blocks in using Facebook for PR purposes?

Vasquez: Companies that are leveraging Facebook to promote their business and generate “buzz” can find themselves in challenging situations when developing content that not only must be consistently engaging to their Facebook followers and other users, but also appeal to a wider demographic. Unlike traditional PR tactics, where content can be tailored to a specific audience, Facebook is really an “everything” search engine.

PR News: Where is the ball bouncing when it comes to using rich media (video, graphics, etc.) to get the message out via Facebook?

Vasquez: The clever use of imagery is slowly replacing text and no longer do we have to speak to audiences. Today, more businesses are showing audiences what their message/story is all about through compelling imagery. The sector that for a long time has been teaching us about the power of imagery is the fashion world—glossy photo spreads and perfume commercials, for example—and we have tailored and designed imagery so that the viewer can formulate their own narrative, creating a more lasting effect of what that person will remember most about your brand.

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