It’s More Than Timing: Research and Creativity Help Get Products in Holiday Gift Guides

It seems like every PR pro we asked about placing products in gift guides around the holidays employed the same quip.

Reporter: ‘What’s the most important thing about pitching a product for a holiday season gift guide?'

PR pro: ‘Do it in the summer.’

While timing plays a role, it’s just one of many steps. A campaign begins well before the PR pro sends a pitch or completes an online form for product placement in a holiday gift guide.

The first consideration is deciding that putting a product(s) in a gift guide meets a company objective.

Once that’s done, the campaign is just beginning, says Brian Lowe, president & CEO, BML PR, Florham Park, N.J.
Lowe’s next step should sound familiar: do your homework. “You want to talk to media friendlies, even un-friendlies, and find out about their gift guides’ hooks. Otherwise, you could be pitching a $100 product to a guide featuring $20 items,” he says.

Jennifer Magaña, PR division lead at Beyond Fifteen Communications of Orange County, Calif.


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