E-Mail Still the Most Popular Digital Communication Platform

While social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn are now recognized as essential digital communications channels, a new survey reveals that e-mail still reigns as the most popular form of Internet communication. A survey released on March 27 by independent market research company Ipsos shows that social networking usage continues to lag behind e-mail in every country; 85% of the 19,216 adults from 24 countries surveyed cited e-mail as their top online activity. 

Marketers and PR execs that have integrated social media into their communications efforts will be glad to hear that 62% of global Web users communicate through social networking sites—so their efforts are obviously not misplaced.This is particularly in Indonesia, Argentina and Russia, which have the highest percentage of users at around 75%. 

However, even the most digitally savvy communicators need to be reminded that e-mail is not dead by a long shot. As an outreach platform, it still carries a lot of weight for reaching consumers. However, adding social media elements to the mix, in addition to e-mails and press releases, can provide multiple touch points with consumers as they use the Web and increase engagement with a brand.

Just as communicators experiment with different social media tactics, they should also be aware of common pitfalls for their e-mail efforts. Sending e-mails too often, or not enough, and a lack of providing compelling content can make any e-mail effort fall flat.

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  1. How could you not include ‘TEXT MESSAGING’ in this story? It is the most effective digital comm. available!

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